5 best pendrives to buy

Pen drives or USB flash drives are portable storage devices with easy access and flash card memory feature in build in it. They ranges up to 1TB storages. But confusion is human nature so before deciding on to which USB flash drive or pen drive you should go for. It will be beneficial for you to go through the top 5 best pendrives that you can buy which are sure to match your needs and pocket too. Well these drives are easily available on website www.pendriveshub.com you can stock some of the best deals customized according to you on this website.

Now lets start with most helpful review to buy any of the following best available pen drives :

The SAN DISK pen drive

Sandisk being an American brand is offers security in terms of data storage without worrying about the damage and is most preferable to INDIAN pockets as well. Sales of this pen drive is very impressive because of trustworthy goodwill of the company

Varients : cruzer blade

Cruzer switch

Cruzer force

Cruzer orbit

Cruzer fit

Extreme pro

Ultra and x box

Price ranges ; start from INR 209 till INR 8000 ( depending upon the capacities)

Capacity ranges : 2GB , 4GB , 8GB ,16 GB, 32 GB , 64 GB, 128GB

Generation : USB 3.0 To USB 2.0

Read speed : may vary from 130 MB/ s to 150MB/s ( depending upon the Generation)

Write speed: Upto 190 MB/s

Transcend USB flash drives

It is a TAIWAN based company but seeks attention by INDIAN customers because of easy availability. Many customers like the brand name because it is fond of producing good USB Flash disks.

Prince ranges : starts at 287 INR till 2449 INR

Capacity ranges : available In 8 GB, 16 GB, 32GB ,64 GB ,128GB.

Read speed: Varies till 100MB/s To 210 MB/ s

Write speed: 20 to 140 MB/s

Generation : USB 2.0 to USB 3.0

Kingston USB Flash

It is company with headquarters at CALIFORNINA , USA. It is a stable and well renowned company known for producing quality USB.

Price ranges : starts from 240 INR till 8000 INR

Capacity ranges : 8GB , 16GB, 32GB ,128GB.

Read speed :May vary upto 180 MB/s

Write speed: May vary upto 110 MB/s

Generation : USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

HP USB Flash Disks

HP is the leading name in laptops etc but it is not far behind when it comes to pen drives. It is used by many people in INDIA and is prefered due to good laptop goodwill in market. It holds a good percentage of market share. Its brand name is a big factor in in itself.

Price Ranges : starts from 279 INR to 950 INR

Capacity ranges : 4GB , 8GB , 16 GB, 32 GB.

Read speed: May vary upto 200 MB/s

Generation:Usb 2.0 to USB 3.0

Sony USB Flash Disks

Just like HP it is another leading electronic brand in INDIA. due to its reliability people prefer to buy pen drives offered by this company.

Price Ranges : starts from 289 INR to 900 INR

Capacity ranges : 4 GB, 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

Read speed: may vary upto 200 MB/s

Generation : usb 2.0 to 3.0

Note: write speed and read speed varies according to capacity and generation of the usb flash drive.Hence above is the list with specifications of top pendrive In india that you should go for depending upon you requirements and willingness to pay. If you want one, be sure to pay a visit to www.pendriveshub.com and buy yourself one of these Pen Drives. Here You can find affordable pen drives which can be customized according to your wishes and also available at your doorstep in your area and as you can see, they are affordable Pen Drives that come with a warranty. You can be sure to be comfortable and do not worry about damage.

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